In late January, the director Raoul Luescher was invited to present a technical paper at the SAE International Design, Manufacturing and Economics of Composites Symposium.  The conference was held in Turin Italy with composite specialists from all over the world.

Our presentation, titled "Considerations for Volume Production of Bicycles" showed some of the manufacturing methods used, quality issues and design trends.

There were some great discussions on the future technologies such as those being developed by Boeing, EADS, etc in the aerospace sector and also the automotive sector with Lamborgini, BMW and the Fiat group (Ferrari, Alfa Romeo etc). Materials suppliers were also represented showing the latest materials and processes as well as the CAD, CAE software suppliers showing design and simulation packages.

As usual bicycles are a favorite topic with most people, especially in Italy!

Luescher Teknik would like to thank SAE International for hosting a highly interactive conference.

A link to SAE International can be found here.