The director of Luescher Teknik, Raoul Luescher has a long history in elite sport and sports engineering. He has competed at international level in Rowing as well as national level in a range of other sports including cycling, XC skiing, multisport and running since retiring from rowing so he knows the demands of competition.

Raoul has also been involved with composite materials for over 30 years. He has been employed by Boeing Aerospace, Defence and the Australian Institute of Sport. He has extensive experience in quality control of composites, manufacturing and design. Raoul has designed and built many composite items, including items used in the Olympic games, the Malvern Star range of carbon bicycles which won an Australian Design Mark and the groundbreaking BC composites Tammar mountain bike enduro rim. He has worked with national, Olympic and professional athletes in a technology and equipment advisor role and is passionate about sports performance. 

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